Old Parkland Hospital
The Castrillon Research Laboratory is located on the North Campus of the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. We are part of the Department of Pathology and are affiliated with the UT Southwestern Simmons Cancer Center, the Green Center for Reproductive Biology Sciences, the Cancer Biology Graduate Program, and the Medical Scientist Training Program. We have access to outstanding, state-of-the-art resources for basic and translational research at UT Southwestern.


Old St. Paul's Hospital
man at microscope
Our research is aimed at understanding the molecular basis of reproduction and diseases of the reproductive tract, with an emphasis on the stem cells that drive these processes. We employ diverse genetic and cell biological methods to understand how complex molecular interactions control normal reproductive processes and are coordinated at multiple levels—subcellular, cellular, and organismal. We also seek to understand how these normal processes—when gone awry—result in significant human diseases such as infertility and cancer.

Our work and laboratory are generously supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and a gift from the David M. Crowley Foundation.